Hopper vibes

Who is she waiting for? She didn't know but she was waiting for herself, she was waiting to find her strength her soul, her deep inner selflove.

Who is she waiting for?

Mixed media on canvas, 87cm x 147cm (34,8” x 58,8”) 2022 Black Brick serie, from the Edward Hopper Vibes project.

Bed sheet waves

Acrylic on paper 70 x 100cm (28” x 40”) 2023 District Six serie

District 6, Floricking on bed

Acrylic on paper 70 x 100cm (28” x 40”) 2023 District Six serie

Certainly not me

Acrylic on paper 70 x 100cm (28” x 40”) – 2023 District Six serie

What is she thinking about?

Mixed media on canvas, 87cm x 147cm – 2023 Black Brick serie

Edward Hopper Vibes is a pretty new project. In August 2022 I traveled to South Africa with a black actress friend and we felt great, new emotions there. We were excited by the cultural life there and what shocked us more was the joyfulness of the black excellence. How can explain what we felt?Spain is a structurally very racist country and very backward in inclusion issues and that is why it is difficult for us, Afro-descendants to occupy spaces. “Our environment is completely white, and we don’t have comfortable access to wealthy spaces. When a black person walks into a restaurant all the sights are on us. When we go to the theatre all the sights are on us, when we cross the street… all the sights are on us. And when we were in South Africa we felt the world was turned down. Johannesburg and Cape Town are occidentalized cities in Africa and for us, it was a treasure. We were able to enjoy all the cultural life there without the burdens wich we carry in our current life.

My main interest in this project is to show that when we are alone in new spaces who are we waiting for to be? Besides it shows how we can occupy wealthy and beautiful spaces without hiding ourselves, feeling ashamed, or apologizing to feel joy.

Why Edward Hopper vibes? I started this project because I was in love with the South African light, and when I painted the first piece I felt some familiarity. I reviewed the artist’s work.

I realized that in Hopper’s paintings, wasn’t a black character, less, a black woman. The isolation of his characters is quite the opposite of the historical black movement that was on the American streets at the moment, so…

We are in the same page now, where the Afro-descendant community in Spain is pushing. We want and need to occupy these new spaces and reimagine ourselves like the powerful human beings that we are.

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