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Speaking Bodies arises from observation and constitutes a tribute to the nakedness of the black woman’s body, that body that roots with Africa, to which in some way those bodies belong, although many Afro-descendant women feel that we do not really belong anywhere.

Speaking Bodies nace de la observación y constituye un homenaje a la desnudez del cuerpo de la mujer negra, ese cuerpo que enraíza con África, a la cual de alguna manera esos cuerpos pertenecen aunque muchas mujeres afrodescendientes sintamos que no pertenecemos a ningún sitio en realidad.

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In ‘Her Soul Up Close, In Colour’ Bianca Batlle Nguema examines the nature of spirit in and around the body as central to our core self. During a month celebrating women the artist intimately situates us in la mirada feminina, exploring bodies and essence in beautiful confluence.

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